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8 Signs Indicating A Need For Detox

There are important signs that our bodies show when they are not functioning well. For example, when your kidneys, liver and colon are affected by harmful compounds, or when toxins build up in these organs. In general, the signs should not be ignored, to avoid any further diseases.
Here are 8 signs indicating a need for detox:

Stress – depression – anxiety

It is said that the unhealthy eating patterns, which depend on fast foods and less greens, are associated with many problems. Most of these foods, in addition to the unhealthy homemade dishes, cause anxiety and stress due to containing much salt, carbs and fats. The store bought meals also contain compounds that enhance the taste, but in fact they are very harmful, if not deadly.

Insomnia – lethargy – mental fog

These symptoms happen even quicker than any, as the first symptom after eating bad food is lethargy and laziness. And it seems logical to feel lazy, because when the organs inside are tired trying hard to get rid of what you ate, you too will feel tired.

Lethargy and insomnia are strongly related to each others, but each of them indicates different problems. For example, insomnia indicates liver problems, while lethargy means undigested foods, overweight, colon diseases, liver problems, etc…

The resulting symptom is known as mental fog, and it happens as the inability to focus during your daily tasks, lock of concentration and slight dizziness.

Indigestion – weight gain

Indigestion happens due to several colon problems, and it starts mainly with bad eating habits. The lack of vegetables and fruits usually is the reason, causing you to feel bloated like a pregnant. It affects the digestive tract and sometimes develops to severe constipation or intestinal blockage.