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Negative Calorie Foods

Negative calorie foods
Of course many of you have heard about the negative calorie foods and their importance in slimming diets. But have we asked ourselves if there is really any food that is negative in calories?

Negative calorie foods, or sometimes known as zero calorie foods, are mostly fruits, vegetables and drinks that contain the least amount of calories compared to its water content. And in most researches the term is used to indicate the " thermic effect " or " specific dynamic action " of the food on the human body.

Away from research, most people recognize the negative calorie foods as those which supply calories less than the energy needed for the body to burn these foods. And surely there is no such thing, but these foods can aid your metabolism or help burning stored fats faster than usual.

Here is a nice list of the so called negative calorie foods:


Apples – grapefruit – oranges – melons – berries – guava – pineapple – lemons – rhubarb – peaches – papaya.


Cucumber – celery – green leaves – zucchini – green beans – kale – green pepper – artichokes – eggplant – cabbage – broccoli – cauliflower – beets – asparagus.

infused water, green tea and herbal drinks.