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Safe Detox For All : 7 Simple Daily Detox Tips

herbal tea cups
Detoxification could be misunderstood by many people who try to cut out their meals and depend instead on juices or just fruits or veggies. Such technique is basically wrong because you shouldn't deprive your body from all foods. And you shouldn’t juice, if your body doesn't really need it.
Detoxification is always done by following a healthy diet plan, doing your daily exercise, and eating foods that aid liver, kidneys, lungs and colon to flush out toxins. And as we know, it is not a single day process.

But for those who still find it difficult to switch to a healthy diet, what can they do?

Here are 7 simple daily tips to put you always on a healthy track:

1- Include lemons in your diet.
Drink lemon-infused water in the morning. Drink lemon juice with fresh mint. Squeeze lemons on everything; fish, salad, water, drinks, juices, soups, etc…

2- Drink fruit-infused water everyday, or better try fruit and vegetable juices.

3- Appreciate herbal drinks, like herbal tea and green tea. Drinking green tea several times a day delays ageing and fights many diseases.

4- Depend on fiber-rich foods, like whole grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables.

5- Eat healthy lean meats, like turkey, chicken breast, veal; and depend on omega-rich foods like salmon mackerel, cod, nuts and whole grains.

6- Get at least 30 minutes of walking or exercising everyday, and spend some time in the sun and fresh air.

7- Get enough daily sleep, like 7 to 9 hours, and enjoy an epsom salt bath every week.