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The Link Between Exercise And Happiness

Smiling woman exercising
Exercising is known to be a cure for nearly everything, starting from depression and ending to physical diseases. It is also known to promote the good sleep and overall health of the individual, in addition to building muscles and stamina.
Exercising is strongly related to happiness as any kind of lasting movement, sport or light exercise triggers the body to release endorphin. Endorphin is a neurotransmitter that fights stress or pain and makes you feel happy.

So, how does this happen ?

When you workout, your body considers it as a moment of stress, like doing a hard effort or fighting something, and surely it raises the heart beat up. Endorphins are then released by the body to minimize the discomfort, stress and pain. They cause a feeling of euphoria.

You may be surprised when you know that endorphins have an addictive effect like that of nicotine, heroine and morphine … but in good way that helps the human body.

After understanding the reason for feeling happy following the workout, it is important to make that effect last longer. A recent study from Penn State University showed that you don't have to exercise in the morning to feel happy and productive during that day, so long you keep a previous track of daily exercise. The most important thing is to make exercising a daily habit, and hence you will be happy on the long run whether you took a day rest or not.

20 minutes every day is the least recommended time for exercising, to feel happy, get a prolonged life and reduce the risk of many diseases.