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What Is The Human Aura?

Human energy
The human aura is known as an energy field that surrounds your body, protecting it from bad energy, harmful entities and psychic attacks. In simple words, the human aura helps in attracting the good energy and repelling the bad energy that swims around us. It creates the filter through which you see, experience and communicate with the world.

The human aura is affected by many factors like being with negative people or around objects or places that is fully charged with negative energy. The overall health also affects your aura, in times such as being ill, your immunity is down, you are angry or when you feel sad. In such cases your aura will be weak, and you will feel depressed, unaligned with your soul, sensitive or highly emotional. The most common symptom is creating a negative outlook.

Imagine your aura like a clean sponge. Depending on the surrounding environment, it may be covered in dust and dirt. Your auric field is like that sponge, needs to be healthy and clean, to protect your body and health.
A clean healthy aura is very strong and it makes you aligned with your soul to feel energized and positive. It promotes health and happiness.