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15 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Overloaded With Toxins

Warning signs of toxicity
Despite trying to follow a healthy lifestyle, we are still living in a world that is full of toxins, and unfortunately we can't escape them. They are everywhere; in our food that is filled with pesticides, preservatives, hormones, artificial coloring, flavors; and also in the polluted air, household cleaners and body care products.

That's why we can't fully escape them, but we must minimize the exposure to toxins because on the long run they build up in the body in a life-threatening amount. These chemicals may also unite with other compounds, resulting in a direct harm for the body organs or nervous system. They also alter microbiota, cause respiratory diseases, encourage tumor growth, and destroy the immune system.

Although your body has it's own detoxfication techniques, it is very hard for the liver, kidneys, and colon to get rid of big amounts of toxins, or cope with a bad lifestyle that delivers toxins into your body on daily basis.

So, what happens in that case? The poor diet, fast foods, contaminated foods, preservatives, alcohol, smoke, household chemicals and polluted air make your body very tired, so it starts to show warning signs such as:
1- Lethargy and unreasonable fatigue.

2- Having unusually bad breath, even after brushing.

3- Having weird or unpleasant body odour.

4- Mood changes.

5- Feeling depressed to no reason.

6- Digestive problems and weight gain.

7- Feeling nervous or irritated to no reason.

8- Frequent headache and mental fog.

9- Sleeping problems, like breathing, aches, etc…

10- Muscle aches and joint pains, even without effort.

11- Craving too much carbs, sugar or fast food.

12- Food allergy and skin problems.

13- Dark under eyes to no reason.

14- Poor immunity "catching diseases fast".

15- Respiratory problems.

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