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How To Cleanse Your Aura

Aura cleansing tips

In my previous topic I spoke about the human aura, how it works, and why you should cleanse it. In this topic I'm going to tell you some simple ways, to easily get rid of bad energy, feel positive and cleanse your aura for a better living. But before we start, just bear in mind that some cases may need a professional aura cleanse session. You will surely notice, if the following steps make no improvement, then try a professional's help.

1-Smudging with sacred herbs and incense.

Burning good smell incense sticks is the simplest way to ward off the negative energy and evil spirits. It can even protect the your surrounding, or the house you live in, and some types are known to have stronger effect than others. They are known as sacred herbs.
Incenses include musk, sandalwood, jasmine, etc…
Sacred herbs are usually sage, thyme, cedar, lavender, mugwort, palo santo, sweetgrass, etc…

Smudging with sacred herbs
Setting the intention for healing and protection is the most important thing here. You may not succeed if you don't focus on your aim, or if you feel afraid. Let the smoke pass around your head then down through your body to cleanse the chakras.

2-The goddess bath " or psychic bath".

The second way for healing and cleansing is bathing with sacred herbs and essential oils. It is really impressive how the ancient people knew these things and included them in religious rituals. For example, the goddess bath was known in ancient Egypt and Greece.

Goddess bath woman bathing in flower petals

To cleanse your aura with goddess bath, choose the suitable herb or blend of herbs then mix them with salt in your bath tub, set the intention for healing and just enjoy it for nearly 20 minutes. Try to focus on your body while relaxing, breathing slowly and imagining the bad energy to flow out of your body in the water. Imagine the purity that enters your body to cleanse and heal it.
Adding some essential oils will make this bath very effective.

3-The crystal grid.

A crystal grid is a geometric pattern of crystals that you use to focus and direct the universal life force/energy towards certain goal or manifestation. Sometimes crystal grids are made in a way that allows you to sit inside the circle, but most grids are set in a harmonic, sacred relationship as seen in the photos.
Unlike the above ways for aura cleansing, crystal grids are not that easy and you may need to learn first how to set them and which crystals to use for your purpose.

Crystal grid for chakras

Crystal grid for love

4-Possitive affirmations " or Mantra".

There is nothing better than your own brain and soul, to achieve peace and perform healing. The mantra does it all. It is kind of positive thought, phrase or simple word that contains all motivation to peace and convinces you of your inner power. By feeling and repeating the mantra, you charge your body with good vibes.
Mantras are considered safe and quick ways for cleanse and inner peace. You may choose your mantra from online meditation guides, ask a yoga teacher or just come up with one that makes you comfortable.