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The Goddess Bath Definition And Benefits

flower bath spa
The goddess bath is something that was done long ago in different cultures, to get rid of psychic harm, bad energy, fatigue, and other symptoms that are related to evil spirits/energy. It is known as the best and most safe way to cleanse the human aura and feel relaxed. It also has different names, such as psychic bath, energy bath, cleansing bath, healing bath, etc.

In addition to fighting all negative soures, the goddess bath can enhance the skin condition as it uses 100% natural materials, essential oils and herbs. No spells are needed to rid you of bad energy or soften your skin.

Speaking about the origins of the goddess bath, it was considered an aromatherapy and pure energy healing, but mostly associated with religious rituals. The Greek goddess of beauty, love and desire "Aphrodite" used to enjoy that healing bath, and also Ancient Egyptian Goddess Cleopatra used milk, grape juice and herbs with honey, to give her luxuriously smooth and soft skin.

The benefits of this energy bath are really endless; relaxation, healing, purification, protection and beauty. All that can be enjoyed with just fresh herbs, sea salt and essential oils. You may like rose petals, candles and scents for creating a wonderful, romantic atmosphere.