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Raspberry Smoothie Recipes

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Smoothies made with berries are considered very delicious, time saving and nutritious snacks due to containing vitamins, minerals and sugars. 

Berries’ smoothies accept many fruit additions and mixes. You can also add yogurt, oats and crackers, to enhance the nutrition value and enjoy the new taste.

Basic ingredients:
Raspberries and natural sweetener.

Recommended additions:

Plain yogurt or Greek yogurt.
Any type of berries, or mixed berries.
Lemon juice.
Orange juice.


Use raspberry puree, or 2 cups of raspberries with one cup of plain Greek yogurt. Add a tea spoon of honey for each cup of yogurt.
You can double the ingredients and add any of the recommended fruits to the ratio that satisfies your taste.


Raspberry-yogurt smoothie.
Raspberry- banana smoothie.
Raspberry-banana yogurt smoothie.
Raspberry and orange yogurt smoothie.
Raspberry- rosewater yogurt smoothie.
Raspberry-vanilla yogurt smoothie.
Raspberry-oatmeal yogurt smoothie.

And some other types which you can prepare with the fruit/ingredients that you like.