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Side Effects Of Untreated Depression

DepressionBefore I publish my tips about treating depression, I want to focus on the horrible side effects of this problem, if left untreated.
The basic symptoms for depression may not appear quickly or have a severe effect at the beginning. You may notice some mood changes and sadness, but bit by bit you will have nightmares, difficulty sleeping, and destructive thoughts toward yourself, your family, your work, or the future in general.

Most depression cases end up with suicide thoughts, or trials in severe cases, or if the individual couldn’t find help around them. Other than suicide, the least side effect would be avoiding public places, crowds and dealing with people in general. That will surely affect the family, work, education and daily activities. Some depression cases are associated with several types of phobia, like fearing sun light and hiding in the closets. Some cases turn into hallucinations, and that surely happens when there is a brain disorder.

At certain stages, when the individual suffers from brain disorders, the untreated depression may lead to harming the self or the others, or doing some actions that can not be remembered.
Depression also triggers physical symptoms, like fatigue, dramatic changes in the diet pattern or appetite, concentration problems, unreasonable crying or irritation, huge weight gain or loss, slow movement and unexplained aches/pains.
The recurrent periods of depression may trigger brain disorders, like hereditary problems, nervous breakdown, and many health problems.
The latest stages, when depression is left untreated, may lead to complete silence and physical symptoms, where the individual stays awake but mostly unconscious or not paying attention to what happens around.