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What To Do After A Heavy Meal?

Woman eating huge sandwich

During holidays and big parties, many people like to eat different foods that are not healthy. The usual result for combining different foods or trying heavy meals, is feeling sleepy and sick as your digestive system tries to analyze and get rid of excessive elements.
So, what are the possible solutions for this problem?

The first thing that you should do in such cases, is avoiding soda and soft drinks, or any drinks in general. Bubbling juices, cola, soda, beer and other drinks are unhealthy and unlike what you think… they increase the problem.

A slight amount of buttermilk is recommended as it usually relives the stomach and it contains essential enzymes helping with digestion, and good bacteria that aids your colon.

Lemon and orange peels, with a small glass of water, are the best for this case. They are known to increase the digestion efficiency by 30%, but they forbidden for patients with stomach ulcer and colon problems as they contain essential oils that causes burning and discomfort.

Drinking water infused with sliced, unpeeled lemons and oranges are also nice for this case.